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Plastic Window Patches

At Staeger we appreciate that plastic may not always be the ideal material for your entire packaging solution.  That’s why we’ve helped many clients over the years to find the solution and materials that work best for them. 

We’re adept at bringing various plastic solutions together with a variety of other materials such as card that help to truly achieve the vision our clients have for their products.

Our Plastic Window Patches primarily work with a cardboard box or tray solution that give a great display of the product itself.

Years of experience has taught us which materials combine best together, both functionally and visually, safe in the knowledge that our clients needs are satisfied, their product is safe and secure, and the packaging looks great on the shelves.

We’re proud to show you some of our Window Patch options below:


Plastic Window Patches Midget Gems

Plastic Window Patches Inception



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