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Packaging Solutions:

At Staeger, we believe the traditional 4 Ps of marketing - Product, Place, Promotion and Price – should be joined by another – Packaging

Packaging isn’t simply a plastic carton or tube in which to place your product. It is your interface with the consumer. It translates all of your product’s values in an instant and can be the deciding purchase factor. 

Of course, there are other packaging issues, such as ensuring that the products reach their destination in a saleable condition, that the goods can be packaged efficiently and that the environment isn’t harmed by it’s use. 

At Staeger, we have helped hundreds of customers with their perfect packaging solution - we produce packaging that is fit for purpose, budget and timescale. We take an individual approach to understand your products so we can put forward robust, business-focussed solutions to ensure that your packaging reflects your brand and catches the eye of the consumer! 

And by using cutting edge technologies and materials, we have the flexibility to create innovative and creative packaging solutions. 

With specialisms in gift, food, plant and personal care packaging, we’ll be able to offer you a range of options for packaging as well as our experience in what works for displaying different types of products. Our in-house design team is happy to work with your creative agency or marketing department to ensure the packaging meets your guidelines. 

Types of Packaging 

We can offer an extensive range of clear plastic possibilities for: 

  • Food Packaging – for cakes, biscuits, desserts etc
  • Food Gift Packaging –  for chocolate such us Easter Eggs and Christmas novelties
  • Gifts Packaging – such as souvenirs, cushions, hot water bottles etc.
  • Plant & flower packaging
  • Cosmetics, Toiletries and Personal Care Packaging
  • Fine Fragrance Gift Packs 

These often take the form of: