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Packaging Designs

At Staeger Clear Packaging, we‘re able to offer clients consistently high levels of transparent packaging innovation due to the experience of our team and our commitment to producing world leading packaging solutions.     

You may already have an idea of how packaging should present your product, or you may be looking for some new packaging ideas.  When you work with Staeger, our Packaging Design Team will deliver designs which show your product off to best effect, whilst taking into account any financial, environmental or logistically concerns you may have. 

Staffed by an experienced and highly creative team, the Packaging Design Team has been highly praised for it’s flair and practical approach to packaging design by a number leading high street retailers. 

Packaging Manufacturer


Our packaging design methods incorporate the latest CAD-CAM system allowing our designers to create bespoke packaging that is unique to you and adds visual value to your product.

3D Packaging Design

Staeger also operate the latest Kasemake 7 system providing you with a greater visual insight as to how you product will look with our bespoke package design. These designs would only be computer generated.

Package Sampling

We offer our clients a sample package solution as we understand the importance and necessity a real life replica package can provide before a commitment is made. This service gives you a sample of the designed packaging so you can see how your product might look and check the size and construction prior to commencement of production.

For straightforward packaging designs, we can usually deliver a sample to check for size and style within in 48 hours. For more complex designs that might require special materials or finishes, we would advise a realistic timescale. 

Decorated samples or proofing

If decorated samples are required for the initial presentations or brochure photography, we can offer Digital Proofs, printed on to plastic using the latest available technology. Alternatively we can arrange full colour wet proofing on the medium of choice.

Contact Stager

If you are interested in receiving a sample package from Staeger please contact us on 024 76 581197 or email