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Staeger supply the Queens Chocolatier

Staegerclear are very proud to be suppliers to Prestat, Chocolatiers to The Queen. Prestat was established in 1902 by Antoine Dufour, the creator of the chocolate truffle, and has since been granted two Royal Warrants, Her Majesty the Queen and Her Majesty The Queen Mother. Prestat has had some other notable customers, one being Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Staeger were delighted to be asked to provide the packaging for the Prestat’s Artisan Chocolate Florentines, Christmas Baubles and Mince Pies. The part owner, Bill Keeling, was delighted with the quality of the print and foiling on Staeger’s recycled PET (reCyclear). The Royal Warrant came out particularly clearly in the gold foil!

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Staeger Clear Packaging highly commended at Starpack Awards


At the 2013 Starpack Awards, the Design Team of Staeger Clear has once again been recognised for innovation and creativity

At a ceremony at the London headquarters of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), the Waitrose Seriously Chocolaty Dark & Milk Chocolate egg packs  were Highly Commended in the Technical Innovation Category

The judges commented, “Novel improvement on board. The lid prongs that lock it down are brilliant. Simple, striking and looks very premium”

For further information on this pack scroll down to the earlier news item



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Staeger Clear Packaging assists Waitrose for new BBQ range

Waitrose and Dalehead Foods have turned to Staeger Clear Packaging to provide packs for its new summer BBQ sharing range.

Dalehead Foods is a major supplier of British pork and lamb to Waitrose.

Waitrose and Dalehead have unveiled a new Moroccan lamb and a Carolina pork themed selection, with accompanying dips.

In a statement, Staeger said: “The pack had to be highly visual and able to engage the prospective customer in a way not seen before in the fresh meat section.

Staeger said. In addition to being first to market in this category the pack had to demonstrate environmental benefits.

“Staeger were asked to develop the pack to include the four layers, various themed dips at the top and a selection of kebabs, sausages and ribs underneath.

The pack was made from 100% recycled PET and was chosen not only for the unique multi-pack visual but also for the reduced weight compared to the standard card boxing options.”

Also featured in Packaging News Daily news bulletin:

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Staeger Clear Packaging assists Tesco for new fish range

Tesco has turned to Staeger Clear Packaging to provide packs for its new Fish in a Flash range

The Fish in a Flash range consist of fresh portions of salmon or white fish, skin packed in a recycled PET mono tray and accompanied by a sachet of sauce

According to Staeger the brief was to supply a decorative sliding sleeve to fit over ther tray, promote the branding and display the usual back of pack information and barcode. The glued, die cut sleeve was litho printed in six varieties on clear recycled PET material

Additionally a special integral pocket was developed to hold the sauce sachet which could be viewed through a clear unprinted area. The whole sleeve is made from one piece and supplied flat.

Also featured in Packaging News:








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Waitrose turns to Staeger for new Easter Egg packs

Staeger Clear Packaging has aided Waitrose and produced new packaging for the supermarket's premium Easter Egg range

The products, Easter Egg and six truffles had to be well presented with a 360 degree viewing, fixed in place as not to move with the minimum of packaging.

The solution was to package the eggs in the company's Conbox tube. This has four parts, a special lid and base to hold the egg, a transparent tray to hold the truffles in place and locate the bottom of the egg and a printed and foiled recycled PET clear sleeve that forms the cylinder.

The whole tube can be delivered flat to the producer, designed to save transport and storage costs. For opening the consumer must teat open the perforated opening flap thereby releasing the top vac formed lid.

Staeger invested in special thermoformed tooling and gluing lines to fold in the fixing flaps on the sleeve.

See this pack featured in the Packaging News gallery:









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Staeger creates chocolate ginger packs for M&S

Marks & Spencer has teamed up with Staeger Clear Packaging for its dark chocolate coated ginger

Staeger created an intricately woven gold foiled tube giving an upmarket classy appeal. The packs are made from recycled PET.

No flow wrap was involved, so the tube had to be well sealed and act as primary packaging.

The challenge in the foiling process was to set up the press with the right heat and pressure to achieve a smooth finish and to hold all the fine detail of the design. The tube was then printed in 3 colours

see this featured in the Packaging news gallery






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Staeger win at UK Packaging awards



Staeger Clear Packaging and M&S celebrated last night after winning this hotly-contested category with its easter egg packaging. Its luxury dark chocolate sculpture egg/ milk chocolate velvety square egg is shaped in the form of a pyramid. The traditional vacform was relaced with cardboard and rPET to fit with its environmental scheme Plan A. The judges praised the pack for its “excellent example of company commitment to reducing environmental impact.” The pack was manufactured in the UK and has a 70% post-consumer bottle content and the pyramid shape was not glued to allow for easy disassembly and thereafter recycling, sticking to the retailer’s environmental ethos. Judges heard how the cardboard and rPET components had to be fine-tuned several times to be able to replace the vac form successfully and how difficult it was to finalise the pyramid shape design. One judge said: “Superbly executed presentation for Easter egg which was easy-to-open.”


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Staeger banks on new kit to get cutting edge

One year on from our relocation to new premises, We are investing in new equipment to maintain our competitive edge. The latest addition is a Heidelberg Varimatrix 105CS die cutting machine. With automated stripping and direct feed from pallets, the machine has proved to be a "quantum leap" for the company.

With continued support and investment from our Swiss owners, We looked into selecting the right machine and were drawn towards Heidelberg. Following extensive testing at Heidelberg's Tamworth centre the Varimatrix ticked all the boxes, and a machine was sourced and installed at the end of February.

The latest addition will compliment our existing equipment as we look to continue our expansion and target new markets.





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2012 Marks and Spencer’s Easter Eggs

Introducing Mark’s & Spencer’s Luxury Milk Chocolate Velvety Square Easter Egg & their Luxury Dark Chocolate Sculptured Easter Egg 

Staeger Clear Packaging are very proud to be have been involved in the design and the manufacture of Marks and Spencer’s unique Easter Eggs in conjunction with the Marks and Spencer’s design team, notably Jack Raison. This never seen before design is totally unique combining board and RPET in a very pleasing way. The RPET is a sandwich of virgin and 50% post consumer food approved bottle flake. The board is  Metpol and was printed by Chesapeake.

The chocolate is made by Artisan Du Chocolate, that confectionery maverick from Ashford, who unusually makes their chocolate directly from Cocoa beans, which is quite unusual in the UK; Truly homemade and wonderful in every aspect

Another Clear Plastic Packaging solution from Staeger.


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Packaging to Reduce Food Waste


Marks and Spencer’s recently asked us to supply 4 corner PET lids for a range of Valentines and Mother’s Day Confectionery Gift Packs. This product came with a particular problem. The special decoration on the chocolates meant they were prone to discoloration if exposed to UV light. 

By working closely with our material suppliers, sheets of re-cycled PET with an in-built UV absorber were produced on very tight lead-times to a bespoke size. Prohibiting product discoloration helps ensure all the items are fit for purchase, so the possibility of increased food waste is avoided 

The UV absorber was added to the core layer of a co-extruded film to ensure that the surface layers of the film were free from potentially migrating substances. Tests showed that the film filtered out nearly 100% of the incoming UV light. 

The lids were produced on equipment designed and built by Staeger, and are welded at the corners, which avoids taint and odour issues as no adhesive are in the process.

The re-cycled PET is made from a minimum of 50% post consumer waste. 

Another Clear Plastic Packaging solution from Staeger.


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