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New York & The French Riviera - Ian Jamie's Travels

I attended two exhibitions in September, the ADF/PCD in New York & Lux Pack in Monaco 

New York 

I had never been to NY before, so it was a thrill & a treat flying into JFK & taking a taxi to the Empire State Building. 

My Hotel was on the 6th Avenue in Manhattan, Chelsea (sadly near the bomb), as was the Exhibition centre. I have to say though, my stay was quite expensive! 

At the Show, which was a take on Lux Pack, I met many Cosmetic & Beauty personnel – L’Oréal, Estee lauder, Coty, Elizabeth Arden & Kao Brands to name a few. These companies knew nothing about us and as such, it was interesting to hear about their market 

Since the Show I have followed up with e mails & phone calls & expect to receive our first order imminently 


It is always a pleasure going to the French Riviera. Flying into Nice and then taxing to Monaco can’t be beaten. It was also a pleasure to spend some time with Thorsten & Hervé and to discuss the political situation over a glass of wine. The Show was slightly disappointing, but nevertheless a few new contacts were made and old friends reunited. The Beauty Industry was well represented. The weather was warm & I swam in the sea every morning!  

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BRC Issue 5, Staeger awarded AA certification.



We are delighted to announce that Staeger Clear Packaging was awarded an AA certification during its recent audit to the new issue 5 of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. The audit raised “0” minor non-conformances.

Commenting on the result, Chris Page (Commercial Director) said – “we are extremely pleased with the result, as a team we work incredibly hard to deliver the best products in a safe and well managed environment, and I would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts and support”

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Exhibition Time For Staeger Sales Team

 Over the 13th, 14th & 15th September 2016, we are showcasing our products & services at 2 different venues:

Packaging Innovations at London Olympia 14 &15 Sept will be manned by Sales Director Jon Bullimore with Sales Executive Chris Bullimore

Visitors can find our Stand F33  conveniently situated opposite the Networking Bar in the West Hall Level 1

For more information visit

On 13th & 14th Sept, Managing Director Ian Jamie can be found in New York City at the Packaging Innovation Hub which is specifically for Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design

This is our very first Exhibition outside of Europe and Ian is looking forward to welcoming visitors to our Stand E14 which is in the Altman Building & Metropolitan Pavilion

For more information visit

Both shows will feature the latest digital print effects on  bespoke clear transparent packaging solutions


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Packaging Awards Blog

We had high hopes this year with both the M&S Designer collection and the Split Egg being entered into the Luxury Packaging Awards and the Designer Collection being entered into the UK Packaging Awards. All were shortlisted!!


Both projects involved a lot of work, co-ordinating other suppliers and overseeing the overall look. The packs were complicated!!

The Split Egg took 4 years to produce correctly, involving many transit trials. The arrangement of the product was inherently unstable, not helped by the fact that the eggs were handmade with slightly differing sizes. Nevertheless we finally succeeded and I think next time a project like this crosses our desk, we will be better prepared. Sadly we did not win a prize. Some of the Judges’ comments “This pack has a high degree of technical complexity and I applaud those who collaborated to deliver it” “ This was technically difficult to achieve but protects the product and displays the product very well”   “ Nice luxury packaging for chocolates but not the winner” “ This is definitely a luxury chocolate pack, the clear packaging showcases the split egg very well, giving a thorough vision of the chocolate”


The M&S Designer collection combines three packs and once again dominated my life for a while. It is difficult for me to understand why we did not win something here!, possibly the difficulty factor does not come across in the look or my write up? Anyway whatever, it was a great project and a pleasure to work with everyone. Some of the Judges’ comments “ This collection has a premium feel to it, the clear packaging does well to showcase the product and the objects that the chocolates are shaped into look great” “Visually lovely packs which almost render the chocolate too good to eat!”


Hey ho there is always next year!

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Staeger Enter M&S Collections Into The UK & Luxury Packaging Awards

Staeger have entered the Marks and Spencer Split Egg

and the Marks and Spencer Designer Collection in

the Luxury & the UK Packaging Awards this year.

Both products and applications have been endorsed

by both Alex Emmerson White (Product Developer)

 and Laura Fernandez (Packaging Manager) of Marks & Spencer.

We have high hopes!


Laura’s testimonial for the Split Egg read


Four years of pure tenacity not willing to accept defeat paid off!

The beautiful split egg was delivered this Easter to its full

splendour thanks to the persistency and dedication of the team. 

Battling against physics and huge amounts of lateral thinking enabled

us to create the optimum solution that would showcase and deliver

this fantastic chocolate piece safely to our stores for the enjoyment

of our customers.

A true team effort!


Alex’s testimonial for the Split Egg read


As a product developer at Marks & Spencer, responsible for

all things chocolate. Easter was definitely one of my favourite

seasons as it allows for such experimentation with shapes & sculptures.

The split egg was by far one of the most challenging concepts

I wanted to launch - echoed by the fact it took four years!

Staeger were the foundations of allowing this to happen.

It was amazing to work with a company that held the

same consistent passion for the product, over such

a long time and many challenges. They never hesitated to

offer new solutions - always thinking outside the box - quite literally!

Whilst always embracing suggestions from outside too.

It was an absolute pleasure to work on this product,

along with many other products in the Easter range,

they worked fully as one team across supply base, packaging and retailer. 


Laura’s testimonial for the Designer collection read

Seven packaging suppliers, three chocolate sculptures and not much time…

probably one of the most complex projects I have been involved

successfully delivered through true team work and huge amount of persistency.

All stakeholders worked as ONE to ensure the brief was accurately met,

thinking outside the box and going the extra mile to make things happen.

A really proud moment for all involved when the products reached stores

 safely showcasing the beautiful chocolate plate, shoe ad handbag at

their maximum to delight our customers.



Staeger are very proud to have been associated with both these

 projects and thank Marks and Spencer for their ongoing support,

we will look forward eagerly to both awards evenings   


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Staeger Identify Clear Window Of Opportunity For Modern Brands


"Clear ‘window’ packaging has had mixed reviews within the drinks sector". Why is this? It can be used to great effect

Clear ‘window’ packaging has been very successful in the cosmetics, toiletry, confectionery and food industry, but it has had mixed reviews within the drinks sector. Why is this? Possible explanations suggest it is not premium enough, or it has no heritage, after all it is relatively new. However, it has recently been used to good effect on several well-known spirits brands, including Grey Goose and Smirnoff vodkas, and Caorunn gin.

We asked Ian Jamie, managing director of Stager Packaagng, the supplier of these packs, to explain some of the merits of clear plastic for brands.
“For starters,” he says, “our plastic is totally recyclable and is made from recyclate - ground down water bottle flake.
“Clear packaging is not without merit, as one designer in London pointed out - people like the attributes of plastic, if not the look. This one comment has led me to combine our plastic with both cardboard and rigid box board to varying degrees in, I think, a pleasing way combining the attributes of transparency with that of heritage/quality appearance.
“The whisky market has tended to use heavily decorated cardboard or rigid boxboard for its packaging to great effect over the years. This is understandable for heritage reasons and for giving the impression of quality. Plastic alone would not tick many boxes in this market. Is it too new, not premium enough? 

“But who is going to be buying blended whisky in 30 years' time? I wonder whether the next generation of drinkers will be more attracted to blends if they have more modern, glitzy packaging? Would this introduce new drinkers? Is the current packaging a bit staid?
“Other spirits such as vodka and gin, seem a better bet for us, it appeals to a younger market that likes glitz and Glamour. These producers spend a lot of money decorating their bottles and it would be a shame to hide these exciting looking bottles inside a cardboard gift box. The transparency of plastic, even if it is only an element of the total box, would grandstand this decoration. Abstract effects that only plastic can bring, mirror finishes and ‘inside out’ printing can only add to the effect of modernity.

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Staeger's Orchid Packs Highly Commended


When TESCO decided to re-launch its established range of exotic plants, a new and innovative packaging format was essential to showcase these highly desirable botanical masterpieces.


Conditional to the new pack was that it should improve assembly efficiencies and importantly impart a safe and easy access mode for consumers to remove the plant. The previous pack needed purchasers to cut through the length of the plastic carton with a blade or scissors.


The solution was a 2 piece PET cylindrical pack with both parts produced from material made with a minimum 50% post-consumer waste content, also recyclable after use.


A transparent die cut & creased glued sleeve forms the main body of the pack which is screen printed in 2 colours to the Finest branding. A large un-printed area displays the stunning flowers and decorative ceramic holder. Sleeves are supplied flat to save space and cost during transit and storage


The sleeve combines with Macpac’s carefully designed & patented vacuum formed base and is attached by an arrangement integral male plugs that snap into corresponding female pockets formed into the side wall. This composition provides a cost effective means of assembly allied to a secure base which can be easily unclipped to allow effortless removal of the sleeve for un-hindered access to the plant, without the need to use a cutting tool.

The amalgamation of the 2 parts displays original and effective improvements over the previous pack


A ribbon carry handle is attached to the top of the sleeve to help transport from store to home


This is a truly innovative piece of packaging that is sure to boost sales and deserving of a prestigious award


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Staeger Acquires INOVAC











Stager & Co AG, the Swiss plastic packaging group has acquired Inovac s.r.o located in Rokycany, Czech Republic.

Inovac is an established thermoforming company that develops & produces products intended for the automotive, electro-technical and consumer industries.

This allows the Staeger Group to expand its expertise into a new market sector & strengthen its presence in Eastern and Western Europe. Staeger Inovac Packaging will relocate to a modern production facility in Pilsen, which will allow an expansion of the existing business and also facilitate installation of additional equipment to produce packaging for the groups’ traditional Food & Personal Care markets

This acquisition further demonstrates Staeger's commitment to growth following the integration in 2008 of Coventry based Staeger Clear Packaging Ltd

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Extra Special Pack for Asda Pralines



A participation between JK Confectionery and Staeger Clear Packaging has created an eye catching clear pack for ASDA’s Indulgent Praline collection

Produced from re-cycled food contact PET (RPET with a minimum 50% Post -Consumer Waste, which is also re-cyclable) this easy to erect crash-lock cube is the perfect solution to showcase the sweets in their brightly coloured wrappings

Embellished with an “Extra Special” colour co-ordinated ribbon and swing tag, this pack is sure to attract consumers and increase sales

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Ian Jamie Reviews Staeger At Packaging Innovations

Packaging Innovation Show Feb 25th and 26th NEC

Staegerclear had a spectacularly good Packaging Innovation show at the NEC on the 25th & 26Th Feb.

Full of original Innovations, including Color Logic seen for the first time on plastic, Dew Drop a reticulated varnish, and the cracked Ice effect, bought interested parties flowing onto the stand. Dairycrest, Glenmorangie, Mondelez, Boots, Diageo, M&S and many top Design Agencies all visited the stand and were impressed by what they saw

Color Logic is an American invention which manipulates the artwork/repro into producing multifarious metallic colours from silver ink, the process colours and white. Used on plastic, as displayed shown by the ‘mackerel’ image, gives a very original effect. This has never been seen before on recycled PET. Boots, particularly, took a real interest heralding the way forward potentially into Cosmetic and Toiletry work

The cracked Ice effect gives the PET the look of a smashed windscreen or cracked ice on a pond. It uses complex creasing technology and the Marketers have honed in on its potential for the Drinks and Toiletry/Cosmetic Industries. A very popular innovation as it allows the packaging to become interactive with the product at little cost.

Dew Drop is a varnish effect achieved by mixing a coating (cyrelle) varnish with a plate varnish to give another pleasing effect on plastic.

All in all a successful Show and much work to be done 

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