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Welcome to Staeger Clear Packaging Ltd

Staeger Clear Packaging is the U.K's leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke Transparent packaging solutions. Our clients include many U.K and International prestige brand owners & leading retailers, who's material of choice is our recycled PET (RPET) made with a minimum 50% content post-consumer waste.

Based in Coventry, UK, we have decades of experience in creating innovative clear packaging solutions for a broad range of retail products, including food, confectionery, personal care, seasonal gifts and houseplants & flowers.  Working with all types of companies, from major retailers to innovative gift manufacturers, we are known for producing eye-catching Transparent packaging solutions that allow the consumer to see the product as well as being strong and high quality.

In 2007 and 2009 Staeger Clear won Packaging Business of the Year.

In 2012 Staeger Clear won Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year at the Packaging News Awards

Staeger Clear Packaging is a preferred supplier to Marks and Spencer for clear plastic packaging and hold the BRC's hygiene accreditation.

For overseas clients we have recently developed clear plastic packaging solutions for export to European, Canadian and South African destinations.

What packaging services can we supply?

We specialise in delivering innovative, bespoke Transparent packaging that fits your specific requirements, on budget and on time. Because we offer a complete service, from design to delivery, we understand the issues of developing bespoke packaging and can help you with innovative packaging design solutions, the highest quality control, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Our clear plastic packaging solutions cover:

Supplementing our bespoke clear packaging solutions, we also produce complimentary vacuum & pressure formed inserts, fittings or lids to offer an integrated service from one manufacturer. Additionally we also design & manufacture stand alone packs in the manner of trays, blisters, clamshells and many other possibilities to suit specific needs. 

Staeger Clear Packaging offers in-house Litho printing, Silk screen print and hot foil blocking. In addition we are able to produce machine erectable creasing using our patented process.         

Does our packaging work with the environment?

The answer is Yes. From a base of 90% PVC usage in 2000, now 95% of our materials purchased is recycled PET using M&S’s food approved sources for post consumer waste. Our ultimate goal is to use British plastic made from British waste - how green is that! We have branded our particular type of recycled PET as recyClear™ 100% waste is possible. 


We are now BRC/ IOP Grade A food approved!